I am a political scientist by training and the author of a book published by Praeger, a leading academic press, which examines recent trends in a number of policy domains including school reform, foreign policy, and economic and environmental policy. With specific expertise in these areas, I know how to define and measure the relevant variables and develop research designs that can answer a broad range of questions about the policy process and outcomes.

Based on insider experience with public education, I published a number of articles on current school reform issues including the impact of accountability systems on test scores and the educational process. Unlike most research in this area, my analyses of school reform policies take into account “Campbell’s Law,” which describes the distorting effects on data and on the process being measured when data are used for high stakes decision making.

I also conducted an original survey of the Council on Foreign Relations, the premiere organization of corporate, university, and government leaders involved in US foreign policy. I developed a breakthrough methodology for measuring the relationships between foreign policy beliefs and self-image, shedding light on the personality differences between hawks and doves, a crucial variable in the policy-making process.

For research problems involving policy, go to a professional with the breadth of knowledge needed to develop the right methodologies and conduct world class research.

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